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Our agency offers the widest selection of Illinois health insurance plans with carriers that maintain the highest ratings maintained by the A.M. Best and the Standard and Poors reporting agencies. Only the very highest of rated companies are ever displayed on our consumer quoting system.

The Best HSA Banks

                       The Best HSA Banks & Health Savings Account information

While you are here checking out the HSA Banks, take a minute to run our HSA Quote Engine. We represent the highest rated carriers such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Humana, Aetna, Assurant Health and United Healthcare. Start saving some money in 2011!

Why open an HSA Account ?

  • No use it or lose it philosophy – the HSA funds remain in the account from year to year even if your HSA compatible coverage ends you can still use the funds tax free for qualified medical expenses.
  • Contributions to your HSA are tax deductible up to $3050 for individuals and $6150 for a family plan. If you are over 55 you can contribute an additional $1000 to your HSA. If you have a spouse who is over 55 you must open a second account in order to take advantage of the catch up contribution.
  • After age 65, HSA funds can be used for non qualified expenses and only income tax is assessed.
  • You are in control of your HSA and the funds belong to you even if you switch jobs, become unemployed, or change your medical coverage.
  • Use the funds in your HSA to pay for current medical expenses or expenses that your insurance may not cover including dental expenses, vision care, Medicare expenses, and long term care with pre tax dollars from your HSA see publication 502 on the IRS website for a complete list of qualified expenses.
  • Save the money in your HSA for future medical expenses
  • The HDHP generally costs less than what traditional health care coverage costs so the money saved on the insurance plan can be put into the HSA.
There are many financial institutions that provide Health Savings Account (HSA)  services.  These organizations can range from small, medium and large corporations representing many popular financial and banking trade names.

Choosing an HSA Bank:

There are many benefits to opening up an HSA Health Savings Account bank account. HSA health plans not only provide you with ability to reduce your tax liabilities but they also help the HSA plan owner have more control over how he or her consume money on medical care services. A Health Savings Account is not health insurance, they are to be considered banks accounts. If you already have a "qualified" high deductible health plan, you can open an HSA bank account with any approved HSA bank or credit union. As the time goes by, more and more financial institutions are offering HSA bank accounts. Many large corporation only offer HSA health plans to their employees.

HSA Bank Account Tax Advantages:

  • Keep in mind that even if your HSA health insurance plan coverage ends for any reason, you can still use your HSA funds for eligible medical expenses.
  • Contributions can several sources such as employers, accountholders or other third parties.
  • Remember that there is no "use it or loose it" situations. this is your money and nobody can take it from your HSA account. If you don't use it this year it will automatically roll over into next year.
  • You can also fund your HSA bank account with an existing HSA bank account or IRA.
  • You are always in control to use your HSA funds or pay out of pocket.
  • Even after you turn 65 years old, your HSA funds can be used for non-qualified expenses and only income tax is assessed. 

How to locate an HSA bank:

Make sure you have purchased your HSA health plan before you begin your search for an HSA bank. You will need the health plan before you can open you HSA bank account. The most logical way to locate an HSA bank is to ask the people at the bank you already bank with, it is very possible your own bank provides HSA bank accounts. Your insurance agent shoul also be able to provide you with a list of options. You can review our list of HSA banks on this page to also help find the bank of your choice.

At this point in time, not all banks and financial institutions offer HSA account services. We recommend HSA Bank due to their high level of experience and professionalism. Click on their logo below. We consider HSA Bank to be the best HSA bank doing business today. HSA Health Savings Accounts are here to stay and so is the best HSA Bank.

To increase their marketing share of HSA health insurance products, most insurance companies today have teamed up with commonly know banks that provide HSA administration services.The partnerships between the health insurance companies and their chosen HSA bank partner usually does not offer much additional value to the consumer, who is totally free to choose from any of the many Health Savings Account administrators in the United States. Always remember that you can choose whoever you would like to fund your HSA dollars.

Most HSA administrators charge service fees for their banking services.  There are new account set-up fees, monthly maintenance fees and some banks charge transaction fees for each transaction you make.  These charges can greatly differ from bank to bank.  It pays to shop around and compare. Established HSA Bank Administrators

To help you get started in choosing a Health Savings Account Administrator (HSA Bank), we have identified some of the more established vendors (listed alphabetically):  

  •     American Chartered Bank (847.273.1649)
  •     American Health Value (800.914.3248)
  •     Bancorp Bank (800.545.0289)
  •     Entrust (877.742.1270)
  •     First American Bank (847.952.3700)
  •     First HSA (888.769.8696)
  •     Health Savings Administrators (888.354.0697)
  •     HSA Bank (800.357.6346)
  •     HSA Trustee Services (866.472.2010)
  •     JP Morgan Chase Bank (800.778.0898)
  •     Mellon Financial (412.234.5000)
  •     MSAver (888.367.6727)
  •     Oak Brook Bank (630.990.2265)
  •     Prime Health (866.844.0977)
  •     Sterling HSA (800.617.4729)
  •     TruSource (800.274.8798)

It's only a matter of time before most of the USA's larger banks and investment firms position themselves to become the home for your HSA funds.  Across America, lots of money is going to be accumulating in HSAs. Contact for any further information you may need.

HSA administrators offer many investment options such as fixed interest rates, mutual funds, brokerage services, etc. and administrative services such as debit cards, checks, online account access and internet transactions.  Your investment options can increase with the size of your HSA account balance. Your interest rate can also increase as your account balance grows.

Most HSA administrators charge service fees for their banking services.  There are new account set-up fees, monthly maintenance fees and some banks charge transaction fees for each transaction you make.  These charges can greatly differ from bank to bank.  It pays to shop around and compare.

** The 2011 annual contribution limits are $3,050 for self-only and $6,150 for family coverage.  A catch-up contribution is available for taxpayers 55 and older of $1,000.